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Challenging concrete foundations

since 2012

Stop Digging

Construction industry

Since 2012, Stop Digging, a Swedish company founded by Kim Olsson and Håkan Liljekvist, has offered a clean, cost-effective, long-lasting alternative to conventional concrete foundations. They shared a vision of a simpler and smarter way of using helical ground screws to replace concrete underpinning for many structures. Based in Helsingborg, but working worldwide, Stop Digging has grown from strength to strength to be the market leader in delivering and installing ground screws.

Stop Digging’s approach, combining both innovative design with professional installers, saves you work, time and money. Our employees are driven to deliver the very best service and install a strong, stable and secure foundation for your construction project. Stop Digging takes full responsibility in fulfilling your project’s foundation requirements, from concept to completion, and we make sure you have everything you need throughout the process.

Ground screws have made building work simpler and easier for both domestic and business clients. From garden buildings like greenhouses, sheds or treehouses to decks, balconies and pergolas, ground screws are the perfect anchor for a range of different structures. Instead of clunky concrete plinths and piles for fences, flagpoles and signs, choose grounds screws for an effortless long lasting installation.

Does this pique your interest? Stop Digging looks forward to working with you.



Revolutionary ideas can pop into your mind when you least expect it. Stop Digging started with two friends one warm spring day in 2011.

In his work in the construction industry, Kim Olsson had noticed how quickly and effectively solar panels were installed using long screws in the ground. He wondered if he could use the same technology for a deck he was planning at home. Kim realised he could avoid the tiresome and heavy work of digging holes for concrete deck piles.

He shared the idea of using ground screws with his friend Håkan Liljekvist when they met for a game of boules.

“But if you want to avoid it, there must be thousands of others who want [to avoid] it too,” Håkan remembers saying. Both the friends fell silent and gradually the implications of what he had said dawned on them.

A little over a year later, they had designed and tested a number of different screw prototypes. Confident in the designs, they resigned from their companies and started Stop Digging in Helsingborg in 2012. The award-winning company has grown from sales of 5000 in 2012, to 150,000 in 2018 worldwide.

“Stop Digging continues to flourish. Today, we operate in 12 geographical markets, where we continue to grow. The ground screw’s innovative concept and advantages will, step by step, out-compete concrete and other alternatives for these applications, “says Richard Alm, CEO of Stop Digging.


Swedish design and development

All our screws are designed and developed in Sweden to withstand the harsh Nordic climate and tested in the toughest conceivable environments. They do not rust, have a long life and can be easily removed and reused. They are built to last.

Behind Stop Digging’s different ground screws models lies a rigorous development and testing program driven by a team of highly experienced engineers, designers and consultants. It takes at least half a year to thoroughly test and approve a new model and we are constantly incorporating lessons we learn through this process and in the field into improving our existing range.

We carefully control the licensing of our product to guarantee that the quality we demand reaches the market. We have a close relationship with a few suppliers in Asia who have manufactured high quality ground screws for Stop Digging over many years. Our confidence in our product is such that we offer a 25 year warranty on all of our helical ground screws.


Save time, money and work


A sound foundation is essential for all structures! Traditional concrete blocks are cumbersome, difficult to position and messy, let alone back breaking. Fortunately we are able to offer a better alternative! Our ground screws can help you deliver your dream project quickly and easily whether it be a wooden deck, new fences, garden steps, a stylish entrance or a children’s playhouse. See what others have built and make your idea a reality.


The customer is always right – and in a hurry. When you choose to anchor your project with our ground screws, you save both time and money. We can install screws all year round, even in inaccessible locations, rocky ground and overly soft soils. Ground screws are also ideal for sensitive historic locations, disturbed or recently turned soils where further digging is already a risk. Don’t forget, with ground screws you can take on more projects without wasting time waiting for the concrete to set!


Stop Digging is rapidly growing and is looking for contractors, builders and landscape specialists who are interested in becoming an authorized dealer and partner in the U.S. Contact us here if you want to know more.


Stop Digging is rapidly growing and is looking for contractors, builders and landscape specialists who are interested in becoming an authorized dealer and partner in the U.S. Contact us here if you want to know more.